How We Got Started

After graduating from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Don Baker realized that his excellent education did not include any aspects of alternative medicine. It seemed apparent that  blending the best  of Western medicine and the best of Eastern medicine could only provide more options and a better outcome for patients. The next step was to get certified in Veterinary acupuncture. 
Dr. Baker became one of the first veterinarians to offer acupuncture to dogs and horses in the New York area. 
In addition to acupuncture, he studied homeopathy and herbal medicine and incorporated elements of these modalities in his work.
After attending a conference at Columbia University Medical College on 'Botanical Medicine in Clinical Practice' he was introduced to evidence based botanical medicine-or simply-ancient herbal medicines subjected to modern scientific scrutiny.
The research demonstrated the 'how it works' of herbal remedies and led to more specific choices for various conditions.
When his own dog 'Pepsi' developed a life threatening autoimmune condition, and all the experts were stumped, 
System Saver was developed to manage chronic, incurable conditions such as his. (link to Pepsi's story) 
Over the next few years, word of mouth and Judy Baker's passion drove System Saver to become a stand alone product, helping countless animals with serious inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. The formula was modified to address degenerative joint disease as well.
The all natural System Saver formula is a safe, effective way to manage chronic conditions,  help prevent the onset of new conditions and maintain health and soundness as your animal ages.